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Commercial Complete Is Not Just For Appraisers
Commercial Complete is designed to meet the rigorous real estate analysis and reporting demands that commercial appraisers face today. This means that Commercial Complete will benefit anyone who needs to evaluate a property and communicate the results.

Among the many benefits are:
  1. Superior analyses
  2. Professional presentation of your results
  3. Do more of what you need to do in a fraction of the time
Among those who will benefit from Commercial Complete's functionality are:
  • Those who prepare property evaluations for banks and other lending institutions. These evaluations are not appraisals, but much of the real estate analysis required in appraisals must also be included in the evaluations.
  • Assessors who assess commercial property. Your goal is to prepare a fair assessment the first time. You can with Commercial Complete. And if the assessment is challenged, you will have the documentation to back it up. We can even import all of your commercial properties from your main database into the Commercial Complete database so that the comp data is at your fingertips.
  • Tax Reps who assist owners with real estate tax appeals. Successful real estate tax appeals start with a good valuation analysis of the property, coupled with a consise, professional presentation.
  • Real estate brokers and real estate agents who must prepare a property listing for a property or present a proposal to a potential client. A well presented comparison analysis and income analysis will often be the items that make the difference.
Word Processing Is What Brings It All Together
Commercial Complete has its own built-in word processor that is designed specifically to make a real estate professional's job easier.

We provide professional appraisal templates for appraisers that can be easily customized by the appraiser to meet his specific requirements.

It is easy to create specialized templates that meet your own specific requirements.

Property Evaluations
If your bank client requires a short Evaluation Form and a more limited analysis, no problem. That can be accomplished easily in Commercial Complete. You can create the form yourself or we will create it for you under your direction.

If you want to take the pressure off, this is how to do it.
Works just like Word for me, but it is designed for real estate professionals.
Commercial Real Estate Assessments
As the assessor, will you be prepared when the assessment is appealed? Commercial Complete provides the tools to perform an Income Analysis, Sales Comparison Analysis, and Cost Approach. A customized document template can be created to support your opinion. If the assessment is appealed, you can generate a documented report almost instantly.

Real Estate Tax Appeals
To be successful in their appeals, tax reps must create consise and professional submittals. No problem when using Commercial Complete. Create a 10 or 20 page submittal that looks like a million dollars and will convince the assessor that your estimate of value is correct.

Marketing Pieces and Proposals
Most commercial real estate brokers do not have the tools to compete with the big players. With Commercial Complete, you can. Professional, comprehesive analyses can be generated by the software and included in your own creatively designed marketing piece. All done in Commercial Complete.

Call Us for a Personal Demonstration
We invite you to explore the many benefits of Commercial Complete. Call us at 800-884-1630 and we will lead you through a personal demonstration.

Take a look at the Demo. You will see the difference immediately.
Seeing is believing!

If you are too busy to look at Commercial Complete, you NEED Commercial Complete. Think about it.

Start TODAY! Your next appraisal or evaluation can go out using CC. We will make sure that it does.

  • Self-contained Appraisals
  • Summary Appraisals
  • Restricted-use Appraisals
  • Residential Narratives
  • Real Estate Tax Appeals
  • Property Evaluations
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Internal Bank Reviews
  • Internal Assessor Documentation

Your Clients will notice the difference too!

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