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Word Processing Overview
The word processing editors that are built into Commercial Complete make the creation of reports and narrative report sections very easy. Word processing is tightly integrated with Commercial Complete's real estate database and analysis capabilities. Complete narrative appraisals, promotional brochures, and other real estate related documents can be easily created. The word processing built into Commercial Complete can also serve many of your everyday word processing needs.

Compatibility with Other Word Processors
Text that is created in Commercial Complete can be copied with the single click of a button and pasted directly into MS Word documents or WordPerfect documents. With a few exceptions, the text and tables retain their formatting when pasted into an MS Word document. Styles in a Commercial Complete document are also transferred. Tables and pictures pasted into a Word Perfect document must be further edited and other incompatibilites may exist, depending upon the version of Word Perfect.

Especially when pasting into MS Word, you can continue to use your present word processor to create your final documents, if you prefer. It is easy to copy reports or automated narrative sections and paste them directly into your current word processor.

Commercial Complete documents can also be saved in RTF format, a standard word processing format that can be loaded directly by most other word processors.

Save Time, Improve Accuracy, Enhance Work Product
You will find that by using the Commercial Complete word processing feature, you will increase your productivity immediately, after only a short learning period. The accuracy of your final work product will improve immediately because much of the information can be pulled directly from a property record, including your sales comparison analyses, income analysis, and building cost development.

Re-typing information that has already been entered is reduced or eliminated, thus avoiding many errors that otherwise might appear in your final work product. Finally, the quality of your final work product will also benefit because specific details about the property can be added that you may have been reluctant to add before. Adding them would be time-consuming without the assistance of Commercial Complete's automated word processor. For example, it is easy to add paragraphs that contain specific details about your income analysis such as vacancy rate, debt coverage ratio, terminal value, selling costs, etc. You might not do that now because it takes time and the numbers in each income analysis are different.

Word processing is tightly integrated with all of the other many powerful features in Commercial Complete, making the real estate professional more efficient and more productive.

Creating Narratives and Reports - Word Processing
Built into Commercial Complete are powerful word processing capabilities that are designed especially for real estate professionals. If your business is real estate, it revolves around real property. So do our built-in word processing editors, which are integrated with Commercial Complete's powerful real estate database and income analysis capabilities. Data stored in any property record in the real estate database can be inserted easily into a Commercial Complete word processing document. Many automatically generated property data and income analysis reports can also be easily inserted.

Commercial Compete can be used exclusively to create an entire narrative report, for example a complete appraisal or marketing document. Or it can be used to generate automated narrative sections that contain information from a property record in the real estate database. Then these sections can be easily copied and pasted with the click of a button into the word processor that you use on a daily basis.

There is no need to change from your present word processor immediately in order to benefit from the many advantages of automating your narratives. When you are ready to switch to Commercial Complete for all of your word processing needs, Commercial Complete is ready for you.

Partial narratives like the Income Approach or Sales Comparison Approach can also be created by Commercial Complete and pasted into your favorite word processor without disrupting your present method of producing your final reports. It will not be long, though, before you are using our software to create your entire narrative appraisal.
  • Powerful word processing built-in simplifies the preparation of Narrative Appraisals
  • Insert fields from a property record directly into a narrative document
  • Insert Income Analysis Reports directly into a narrative document
  • Generate presentation quality reports or an entire narrative document (appraisals, proposals, offering brochures, marketing literature, etc.)
  • Your word processor or ours
    • Use our built in word processing editors to create your entire document (appraisal, marketing brochure, etc.). You can do the whole job in Commercial Complete!
    • Or assemble automated narrative sections of your document in Commercial Complete and copy directly to your main word processor (MS Word or Word Perfect). Formatting remains intact, including styles, and tables. This is an excellent way to automate your documents while continuing to use the word processor that you have grown comfortable with.

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