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Caprate University
Caprate - Short for Capitalization Rate, it is the process of converting streams of cash flows into value.

University - Literally ... "turned into one." Both parts of this word are particularly ancient, running back to Indo-European. The uni part represents "one" and versus comes from vertere meaning "to turn."

Beginning long ago, some institutions of higher learning were called "colleges" and others were called "universities." Colleges are institutions where a single discipline is taught; e.g. Liberal Arts, Engineering, Mathematics. Universities are institutions that bring many disciplines "under one roof." The goal originally was to bring these disciplines together with the hope of finding the "common knowledge" among them.

The Capitalization Process is very often mis-understood and incorrectly applied. Our goal at Caprate University is to address the various methods that are used to analyze the income streams of real property, with the hope of finding the "common knowledge" among them.

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